Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Message To Rush

In response to his May 8th, 2008 remarks here:

RUSH: Now, there is no Republican attack machine. The Republican Party, as a party, does not have an attack machine. The Republican Party doesn't even have a defense machine. The Republican Party is just sitting around twiddling its thumbs and hoping people continue to send it money. The place where there are activists is in conservatism. And because of the total inability, lack of desire of the Republican Party to actually play this game according to the rules set by the aggressor, which is the Democrats; activists on the conservative side, such as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth will surface and tell people the truth about the Democrat nominee, John Kerry. Now, what you have to understand when you hear liberal Democrats or the media talking about a Republican attack machine, the translation for that is: "Damn Republicans! They're going to tell the truth about us again." A Republican "attack" or any "attack" on a Democrat or a liberal is by definition the truth, and as such, it's "vicious" and it is "mean," and it's "uncalled for," and we should not engage in attacks. The Democrats don't want the truth about themselves told and broadcast. So that's what the Republican attack machine is. The official Republican Party doesn't have one, conservatives who care about the future of the country in an ideological sense, know that defeating liberals is key to moving the country forward according to the way we see it; and as such, there are groups that will come forward, produce their own ads. Those groups now are, you know, probably going to be denounced by our Republican nominee, Senator McCain, if they happen to go too negative. But there is no Republican attack machine. There is a conservative survival machine, and it exists entirely to tell the truth!

I had to respond to Rush via the Super-Secret eMail...

Here is a copy of the email you just sent to Rush Limbaugh, The Doctor of Democracy

Hi Rush, Love you, love the show. I have to point out a misstatement you made on today's program with regard to the Republican Attack Machine. As the founder and proprietor of the blog at I just wanted you to know that we are active and out there fighting the good fight. Unfortunately I was unable to participate in "Betrieb Chaos," as I'd already voted for Mitt Romney in CA (although I was tempted to fly back to my home state of PA to vote later, as I did in 2004, but that would have been unethical). Just a heads up. Thank you for all you do, CinCUSOC!

But I agree with everything else he said, so please do send some money (not that I know how to make that work on these newfangled machines...Maybe you slide it into the floppy drive, somehow?)